Geralt Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Warrior Leather Jacket

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Witcher 3 Geralt Wild Hunt Cosplay Jacket

There are several gaming characters that have been copied by our designers with some marvelous skills and concentration. This Geralt Witcher 3 Wild Hunt jacket is actually the replica of the character named as Geralt of the gaming series Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. It was quite a challenge to copy such complex and intricate costume. But, they managed to come up with the most accurate replica. There are several belts on the chest area while there is single belt on the waistline. There tow protective pads on the shoulders. The sleeves are white along with another set of protective pads.This costume is very exciting to wear to the comicon.

Product Features:

  • Gaming Series: Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
  • Character: Geralt
  • Warrior Outfit
  • Protective pads
  • Various belts
  • Long White Sleeves

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