Aquaman Smallville Hoodie Costume Leather Vest

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Aquaman Hoodie Sleeveless Costume Sale

Aquaman Smallville Hoodie Costume Vest is a funky vest which may suit for people looking to have something funky for them. This aquaman smallville vest has been finished using the leather material being genuine and faux leather and has a blend of orange color followed by green piping. The aquaman vest has a hoodie at the back and has overall patterns of the stitched outlook. This aquaman hoodie costume is very comfortable to be carried during the winter season and also suits on all attires.


  • Front closure of zip with collarless look
  • Hoodie at the back
  • Orange color
  • Green piping overall in abstract
  • Leather finished, genuine and faux leather choice
  • Shoulders with green patch
  • Flexible appearance
  • Length till waist

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