Terms & Conditions

The following section lists complete illustrious details for the visitors to abide by the terms of use as well as relevant practices followed by Famous-Jackets.co.uk.

Rational Property Rights Ownership

Famous-Jackets.co.uk's entire content, graphics as well as videos are the website's property owned, copyrighted and licensed by Famous-Jackets.co.uk.The website is protected by virtue of copyright laws under the strict jurisdiction of the UK/USA. Making use of any data from this website without legally written consent is strictly prohibited.

Website Content

Famous-Jackets.co.uk reserves the complete right to create or maintain/update any piece of information displayed on the website; either it be related to content, clothing or celebrity images, product descriptions or item prices without any kind of prior notice, this also includes updating or carrying out modification after the order has been previously placed by the buyer, however in such coincident cases if buyers are not really contented with the product, they may comfortably claim as per company's Returns policy.


Prices are usually offered in USD (United States Dollar - $), along with GBP (Great British Pounds - £) and the popular Euro - €. However customers are also provisioned with the choice to pay in their local currency completely as supported by the most reliable worldwide recognized Paypal. 

Governing Law And Jurisdiction

The Terms & Conditions will be utterly governed by and regulated in accordance to the established United Kingdom laws as well as the relevant courts will have complete exclusive jurisdiction practiced religiously.

Visitors Feedback

By posting the content at Famous-Jackets.co.uk, the visitor verifies that: Their posted content is their own property and in any case it doesn't affect the company's intellectual rights.The visitors making feedback are over 15 years of age bracket.Use of the type of data/content they supply; in any case; does not violate Famous-Jackets.co.uk's terms and conditions and will never prove to be harmful to any person as well as entity.

No Waiver

If a user; in any case; breaches these conditions, then Famous-Jackets.co.uk is still entitled to use their legal rights as well as remedies.

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