Mens Cafe Racer Vintage Green Brando Jacket


Size Chart

size chart

Product Specifications:

  • Offered in genuine leather
  • Green colored base
  • Viscose inner
  • Zipper closure
  • Three zipper pockets
  • Various sizes
  • Choice of size customization
  • Casual choice
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Mens Vintage Brando Biker Cafe Racer Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Clothing is always one of the most essential factor which may either enhance your personality or make it an off thing. However, if you are really looking for an exciting jacket which could be a perfect choice then you must have a look at this beauty. This jacket is manufactured using most appealing material which is leather and you may opt for a choice of genuine or faux leather and the base color is green. The Vintage Brando jacket has a zipper closure and the sleeves are in full length with the viscose inner and there are pockets too. This jacket is one of the finest choices to have hands on and is a very comfortable one too.

Benefit of Product

You may enjoy this jacket as a perfect choice for casual instances and so many pockets offer space benefit to the user.

Caring Tips

Use a clean and dry piece of cloth for cleaning purpose and make sure to clean it every time after wearing so that dust doesn’t accumulate over it.


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